Join Joy, John and Dan to find out exciting things about the first printed book
What a great happiness to feel free. Moses and Aaron are ready for new adventures.
Pharaoh immediately calls Moses and Aaron to him. What exactly does he want to tell them?
Moses and Aaron make God's powerfully reveal themselves over Egypt and the rulers of the country.
Moses and Aaron come to Pharaoh to show him that they were sent by God,
Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh with God's requirement. Does Pharaoh agree with this?
Moses prays for help. God answers him!
Moses and Aaron in front of the Pharaoh! Is it easy for them to convey God's message?
Moses and Aaron decided to go to Egypt. Can you help them get to Pharaoh?
Bible Adventure Moses 1
Explore first part of an Wonderful adventure with Moses. See how God calls Moses to save His people Israel.